It will decorate your home, working as a lamp, and as a fun way to light your soul, to make you laugh, to remember something sweet or fun or special through a message.




Chose your own message, pick up a font and a colour for the letters and send us the info. For small words select a small box, for longer messages select the large one.

Order extra front glasses to change messages according to your mood or to the occasion (welcome, happy new year, love, no ordinary day, adventure, etc). You are the artist!


Email us to order your bespoke light box :

We ship all over the world.




  • Oak wood box equipped with removable glass front and LED lights

  • Rechargeable battery, 6 hours autonomy - 6 months warranty

  • DC Adapter Input 100V-240V

  • Small Box Dim 23x11x15 cm, weight 2.3 kg

  • Large Box Dim 35x11x18 cm, weight 2.5 kg

  • Lightbox - 2 years warranty 

  • CE Certification


Made in Portugal




Leal means loyal – pronounce “lay-al”